ICYMI: Scott Walker Says $144,423 Isn’t “Real Money”

Mar 13, 2012

MADISON – After months spent decrying public school teachers, nurses and snow plow drivers as the “haves” as justification for his assault on collective bargaining, Scott Walker on Monday night ridiculously suggested that his $144,423 salary isn’t “real money.”

Speaking at a March 12 forum hosted by right-wing radio host Charlie Sykes, Scott Walker stated that he didn’t want to lose the recall, not because he cares about his job as governor, but because his wife would like him to return to the private sector where he could “make some real money.”

Scott Walker’s $144,423 salary is nearly three times the median household income in Wisconsin. Add in his annual $9,604 in taxpayer-funded pension contributions and $17,688 in taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits and Walker’s total compensation package balloons to $171,715.

“Scott Walker’s failure to focus on jobs and forced wait for desperately-needed unemployment benefits have harmed jobseekers and his radical policies have slashed healthcare and benefits for the middle-class and raised taxes on seniors and working families,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “It is beyond offensive for Scott Walker to complain about the six-figure salary those taxpayers are providing.”


“And if we fail to win, it will take us down the path we see, failing, people like the people in Illinois, down in Springfield, and I for one don’t want that. Not because this job is that important to me, ‘cuz frankly my wife in some ways would love it if I’d go back to the private sector and make some real money.”

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