Scott Walker Extremism on Display as Failure Session Ends

Mar 15, 2012

Following is the statement of Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate following the end of a legislative session that failed to produce any meaningful jobs legislation yet included a full-scale assault on women and other nasty bits of social extremism.

“Wisconsin led the nation in job loss in 2011, yet Scott Walker Republicans in the Legislature were more concerned in this legislative session with threatening doctors with felonies, lining the pockets of slumlords and denying health care for 12-year-old girls who are raped.

Republicans failed to pass bipartisan mining legislation, after previously failing to pass Scott Walker’s promised venture capital fund. They failed to target tax cuts to small businesses that create jobs. They even failed to balance the budget, though Scott Walker wasn’t afraid to bring the contrary lie to his omnipresent television commercials.

Underlying everything was a hostility to women that hasn’t been seen in Wisconsin in generations, with Republicans litigating arguments about women’s reproductive freedom and fair pay for equal work that have been settled with the public decades ago.