Scott Walker Runs to Republican SuperPACs to Save Him from His Ruinous Record

Mar 22, 2012

Wisconsin is Moving in the Right Direction by Recalling Walker

MADISON – Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on the latest misleading, untrue advertisement from Scott Walker’s Republican SuperPAC.

“After failing to convince Wisconsinites that his divisive, extreme agenda is working, Scott Walker is now running to out-of-state Republican SuperPACs to spend millions on his behalf in an attempt to distract voters from his ruinous record of raising taxes on working families and record job loss in Wisconsin.

“Scott Walker’s policies have moved Wisconsin in the wrong direction. In his first year in office, Walker led Wisconsin to be ranked #1 in jobs loss, #2 in cuts to K-12 education, and #3 in cuts to higher education. And despite Scott Walker’s shameful attempt to pay for billions in corporate handouts by raising taxes on seniors and devastating our public schools, Walker still has a massive budget deficit.

“Wisconsin is moving in the right direction by recalling Scott Walker. On June 5th, Wisconsinites will put our state on the path to prosperity by electing a new governor working families can believe in to create jobs and hold the line on taxes.”