Assemblywoman Sinicki Statement Calling on Mitt Romney to Take a Stand on Walker Repealing Equal Pay in Wisconsin

Apr 10, 2012

The following is a statement from Wisconsin Assemblywoman Christine Sinicki, who authored the original Wisconsin legislation to enact equal pay protections, on the Romney campaign’s failure to take a stance on legislation to repeal equal pay protections for women in Wisconsin.

“One week after Mitt Romney won the Wisconsin GOP Primary by wrapping his arms around extreme Scott Walker, who then signed the repeal of my bill to enforce Equal Pay for women, Romney’s staff couldn’t answer whether Romney supported equal pay for women on the national level,” said Sinicki. “Scott Walker signed a bill that would let employers who discriminate off the hook by eliminating the penalties for discrimination. Does Mitt Romney agree with Scott Walker’s elimination of these worker protections? Does Romney support Scott Walker’s elimination of protections that ensure economic fairness for women?”