BREAKING: Scott Walker’s Job-Loss Economy Down 4500 More Jobs

Apr 18, 2012

MADISON – Jobs data today released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that under Scott Walker’s failed economic policies, Wisconsin lost 4,500 more jobs in March.

The job loss figures, buried on the second page of the release from Scott Walker’s troubled Department of Workforce Development, show that Wisconsin lost 4,500 jobs in March 2012, including 4,300 in the private sector, and a total of 23,900 jobs since this time last year. In contrast, Illinois added 9,100 jobs in March.

Today’s release also indicates that job gains in January and February were less robust than originally estimated, revising total gains down by 5,500.

In total, Wisconsin has lost jobs 10,200 since Scott Walker took office.

“With each day that passes, it becomes more clear that Wisconsin simply cannot afford Scott Walker as governor any longer,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Scott Walker can try to whitewash his disastrous record with millions of dollars worth of false advertising and disingenuous surveys from his corporate sponsors, but the actual economic data proves what we’ve known all along – when we salt the earth for economic development and focus instead on radical social policy, jobseekers and employers suffer, and the economic security of the middle class is put at risk.”