ICYMI: Critics Slam Scott Walker's Easter Weekend "War on Women" Legislation

Apr 08, 2012

MADISON – Even as Scott Walker hoped to quietly bury an extreme passel of radical legislation signed in the shadow of the Easter Weekend, critics were slamming legislation that supports the ongoing Walker War on Women.

“Scott Walker hides from the cameras when it comes time to explain legislation that treats women as second-class citizens, stripping them of equal pay protections, getting literally into their doctor’s offices and denying them health coverage that keeps them well,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Maggie Brickerman said Monday. “Just as he does to hide the news of the criminal corruption investigation into his top aides, he uses events likely to obscure the news, in this case the Easter Weekend, to hide his activity from the public. If he is proud of his extreme War on Women, he should roll it out in the light of day, not under cover of darkness.”

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