ICYMI: Journal Sentinel: Sheboygan DA Calls Scott Walker a Hypocrite on Victims' Rights

Apr 24, 2012

Just one day after being called out for lying about saving “$1 billion” through his destructive, anti-family “reforms,” Scott Walker has been labeled a hypocrite by the Sheboygan County district attorney for creating an empty shell program for crime victims after financially gutting a program that already assisted victims.

“Again, we’ve seen Scott Walker financially destroy a program only to replace it with something that does work similar to the program he just obliterated,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Wednesday. “This seems to be his MO: start a fire and then claim credit for calling the fire department. Scott Walker has been playing shell games with the people of Wisconsin and this time it’s with victims’ rights. Wisconsin must not accept such total dishonesty.”

Read about Walker’s hypocrisy here.