ICYMI: Scott Walker Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Shame Front Page – "State job losses worst in U.S."

Apr 24, 2012

MADISON – The right-leaning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which has endorsed Scott Walker throughout his career and opposed his recall, had an above-the-fold front page headline highlighting a shocking new report that showed that, under Walker, Wisconsin led the nation in job loss.

Look at the headline here.

According to the new report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin was far-and-away the leader in the nation in jobs loss, losing some 24,000 jobs in a period where the rest of the nation has been ADDING jobs.

“For all Scott Walker’s dog-and-pony shows on jobs, the fact is that Wisconsin leads the nation in job loss under Walker’s failed leadership. He claimed that jobs were his signature issue and, by that standard, he has failed spectacularly, salting the earth for Wisconsin’s middle class in his inept and criminally corrupt administration,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Scott Walker’s self-regard is legendary, but even he must understand the shame in making headlines in his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for leading the nation in job loss.”