ICYMI: Sheboygan Press: Walker Inflated Numbers in Bogus "$1 Billion" Savings Claim

Apr 23, 2012

After a statewide dog-and-pony show falsely touting “$1 billion” in budget “savings,” Scott Walker again has been caught distorting the truth.

The Sheboygan Press has found that Walker’s claims that the City of Sheboygan “saved” $1.3 million were badly inflated, and $880,000 off the mark.

“It’s not just that Scott Walker raised property taxes and then claimed he lowered them, blew a hole in the structural deficit and then claimed falsely that he fixed it, caused record job loss and then denied it, and claimed “savings” that are just a euphemism for the biggest cuts to safety and education in state history,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Tuesday. “Now, we see that he also is distorting and manipulating even those “savings” numbers in a shameful attempt to deceive the public as he faces a recall election. We are just finding out about inflated numbers in Sheboygan, but it stands to reason that the same “math” was used statewide. Scott Walker cannot be trusted to tell even the simplest truths.”

Read about the inflated numbers here.