ICYMI: Washington State GOP Candidate's Plea for Votes: "I'm not Scott Walker"

Apr 16, 2012

In a move to distance himself from the union-busting, anti-family agenda of Scott Walker, Washington State’s presumptive GOP gubernatorial nominee just came out and said it.

“I’m not Scott Walker,” Rob McKenna said to a group of Puget Sound carpenters at a gathering last week.

But McKenna didn’t stop there. He further lamented Walker’s actions and starkly noted how differently he is, ideologically, and how Walker has tainted the candidate pool.

“We need to have a good, strong relationship between labor and management in this state,” said McKenna, according to audio from that April 11 meeting that was secretly recorded and later obtained by the website Politico. “Now, unfortunately because of a couple of governors — particularly Scott Walker — everyone thinks that someone who’s going to be a Republican governor, they’re going to be Scott Walker. I’m not Scott Walker.”

Let’s hope so for their sake.

“It’s no surprise that candidates, even within Scott Walker’s own party, want to distance themselves from him,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Discussions about Walker’s divisive, destructive and polarizing agenda have been had by many around the country and even the world. It makes complete sense that a candidate would want to do whatever they can to make sure voters know they won’t follow in the misguided steps of Scott Walker. And, thankfully for Wisconsin, our residents will soon be able to replace him.”

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