Republican Senate Candidate Eric Hovde Claims Scott Walker’s Job Loss is Even Worse Than Reported

Apr 23, 2012

MADISON – Speaking today at the Milwaukee Press Club Newsmakers luncheon, Republican Senate candidate and hedge fund millionaire Eric Hovde made statements that indicate Scott Walker’s job losses, that are leading the nation, might be even worse than reported.

Asked directly by Channel 12’s Kent Wainscott about federal job numbers that indicate steady national economic recovery, Hovde questioned the Bureau of Labor Statistics data saying that the federal job numbers were worse than reported.

When then asked if that meant that Scott Walker’s “statistically significant” job loss was even worse than reported, Hovde dodged questions before finally acknowledging that, “there are distortions.”

After the event, Hovde told a reporter he didn’t want to be “pulled into” any criticism of Scott Walker’s total jobs failure.

Hovde, like Scott Walker, has not offered a credible jobs plan.

“Scott Walker has desperately attempted to spin his shameful record and avoid the fact that Wisconsin leads the nation in job loss since he took office,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “But it seems like Walker can’t even convince a fellow Tea Party Republican that “It’s Working.”