Republican State Leadership Committee Ad Continues Republican’s War on Women

Apr 11, 2012

The Republican State Leadership Committee is continuing the Republican’s tragic war on women. This time it’s with a television advertisement attacking Rep. Donna Seidel, a candidate in the recall race for the 29th State Senate District.

Late last week, Governor Walker signed multiple bills that were detrimental to women’s rights including repealing the Equal Pay Enforcement Act, which helped enforce state laws requiring women to be paid the same as men for doing the same work. Rep. Jerry Petrowski, the Republican candidate for the 29th District, voted in lockstep for every one of these bills attacking the interests and rights of Wisconsin women.

Zac Kramer, executive director for the State Senate Democratic Committee, responded to the ad with the following comment.

“It’s 2012 and Jerry Petrowski and his Republican pals still don’t get it: when they make these kind of attacks, they are denigrating all women — our mothers, our wives, our sisters and daughters.

“Ads like this one, funded by out-of-state special interest groups, are sexist and embarrassing. They should all be ashamed of their continued attacks on women. The ad continues the war on women that has been a popular talking point across the GOP platform.

“It is clear that the Republican party believes that women only belong in the kitchen and this should be disconcerting to every citizen in the 29th Senate District. Rep. Seidel has been a voice in her community for the past 30 years — first as an investigator in the DA’s office, then as a local elected official and currently a state representative in Madison.”