Sean Duffy, Reid Ribble Silent on Catholic Bishops' Criticism of Paul Ryan Budget

Apr 17, 2012

Sean Duffy and Reid Ribble have remained silent on Catholic bishops’ criticism of the Paul Ryan budget that gives huge tax breaks to the super-rich while gutting programs relied on by working families and poor people.

In opposition to decades of Catholic social teaching, Ryan has made the remarkable claim that the “Church of the Poor” actually was the inspiration for his deep cuts to social programs advocated by the bishops since the end of World War I.

In a recent letter, the bishops criticized cuts to the food stamp program as “unjustified” and “wrong.”

“It is one thing for people like Sean Duffy, Paul Ryan and Reid Ribble to give huge tax breaks to the ultra-rich at the same time breaking faith with seniors, the sick and the poorest among us. It is quite another thing for them to wrap themselves in religion when faith leaders have seen the unfairness of their radical budget,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Graeme Zielinsk said. “For many Catholics in particular, they do not oppose the Paul Ryan budget in spite of their faith. They oppose the Paul Ryan budget precisely because of it.”

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