SHAME REPORT: Scott Walker Leads Nation in Job Loss

Apr 23, 2012

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin is alone in the nation in posting “statistically significant” job losses, according to a shocking new federal report.

Directly contradicting the self-serving claims of Walker and his cronies, the new report showed Wisconsin with major losses in both private and public sector jobs.

“Scott Walker says he wants to make history and, shamefully, he has — making Wisconsin THE national leader in job loss,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Tuesday. “Cutting jobs programs, slashing infrastructure investment, destroying public education and the University of Wisconsin System, breaking faith with our system of vocational technical training, turning his back on high-tech jobs and ending decades of labor peace have been Scott Walker’s legacy. Salting the earth for jobs and the middle class has been Scott Walker’s legacy. He has not merely been inattentive to the plight of job seekers, he has actively worked against their cause. And this is why there is only one job loss that we will celebrate in Wisconsin — and that’s Scott Walker’s come June 5th.”