Tea Party Hypocrisy: Ron Johnson Campaigns for Earmark Master in Virginia

Apr 19, 2012

After cloaking himself in Tea Party sanctimony in opposition to federal “earmark” expenditures, millionaire extremist Ron Johnson is campaigning today for a Virginia Senate candidate who voted for more than 40,000 earmarks and said he was ‘proud’ of every single earmark he sponsored during his previous term as a Senator.

In a 2011 interview, Johnson claimed that he “absolutely” intended to “stand by (his) commitment” to ban earmarks. Whoops. Perhaps he was seeking solace on the campaign trail with earmark master Allen after reports of massive upheaval in his office and reports of an ideological staff purge.

“Ron Johnson poses for Tea Party holy pictures on earmarks and debt, and yet, like any typical Washington politician, he totally compromises his positions when it is politically expedient. In this case, Ron Johnson is carrying water for George Allen, someone who voted for more than 40,000 earmarks and for trillions of dollars in debt. This shows quite a lot of moral flexibility for someone so ideologically “pure,”” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “When it comes to Tea Party hypocrisy, it looks like Ron Johnson believes, “Earmarks for me, but not for thee.””