BREAKING: New Bombshell Evidence Suggests Scott Walker Resisted John Doe Corruption Probe All Along

May 30, 2012

News is breaking that, contrary to his public claims of cooperation, Scott Walker resisted the corruption probe that has had him in the crosshairs from the outset.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Thursday uncovered evidence in court documents that Walker, as Milwaukee County Executive, opposed the criminal corruption probe that has ensnared top figures from both Walker’s current and former administrations.

Read the shocking revelations here.
So far, six aides and associates have been charged. On Thursday a 13th was granted immunity, and two Walker associates have entered guilty pleas.
The new evidence suggests that Walker has been deceiving the public for months with his self-serving accounts that his administration had started the investigation out of a concern for integrity.
“Scott Walker’s integrity lies in ruins with this news that he has opposed the John Doe corruption probe from the outset. For months, he has told the public a self-serving story knowing all along that this was a deception,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Scott Walker’s house of cards is coming crashing down and this time, Scott Walker only has Scott Walker to blame.”