BREAKING: Scott Walker Criminal Corruption: 12th Figure Granted Immunity in John Doe Probe

May 09, 2012

The Scott Walker criminal corruption probe took another turn in the past 24 hours when a 12th person was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for testimony.

According to news reports, David Halbrooks, a Milwaukee lawyer, was granted immunity in the probe.
Several top Republican officials, Scott Walker aides and allies already have been granted immunity, including Cullen Werwie, Walker’s own spokesman, and officials with the Republican Party of Milwaukee County.
Walker has continued to dodge basic questions about his role in the conspiracy, which has included 15 felony charges and two convictions so far. The crimes alleged range from stealing from veterans to child enticement to stealing from taxpayers.
Just months ago, Walker became the first governor in Wisconsin history to have established a criminal defense fund. He has refused to disclose who is donating to that fund.
“A dozen people with ties to Scott Walker have now been granted immunity in a criminal prosecution where their truthful testimony would have incriminated them. Scott Walker is the linchpin for the entire conspiracy, where he was the sole beneficiary for almost all the acts now alleged to have been felonies. This news should send a chill through the spines of every Wisconsinite who wants their government free of corruption and malfeasance,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Thursday.
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