BREAKING: Video Exposes Scott Walker "Divide-and-Conquer" Plotting With Billionaire

May 09, 2012

Video just released shows Scott Walker vowing to a billionaire benefactor that, contrary to his public statements, he would employ a secret “divide-and-conquer” strategy to deceive the public and accrue power to himself.

Walker was filmed for a documentary entitled, “As Goes Janesville.” In it, he is seen talking to Diane Hendricks, a billionaire who has given him $510,000, promising he would institute “Right-to-Work-For-Less” laws that would kill private sector unions, after he destroyed the bargaining rights of public-sector unions.

Read about the plot here.

Walker has made public statements claiming that he was not supportive of “Right-to-Work-For-Less” legislation, and also claimed that his attack on collective bargaining for public employees was not about power grabs.

See the video here.