Divided, But Not Conquered: Republican Party Divided Over Tea Party Primary for US Senate

May 11, 2012

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on the Republican Party endorsement vote in the GOP Senate primary, where no candidate was able to win the support of party activists at their “Divide and Conquer” convention in Green Bay.

“The endorsement vote today made it crystal clear that the Republican primary for U.S. Senate can be defined with one word — division. Now, all the Republican hopefuls will spend the next three months fighting a divisive and negative battle to be a voice in Washington for millionaires and billionaires, corporate special interests, and Tea Party extremism, not Wisconsin’s middle class.

“All the Republican candidates have doubled down on political partisanship and pledged their allegiance to Tea Party extremism. In August, when a nominee emerges, he will not only be weakened, he will also own his extreme, out-of-touch positions and won’t be able to “etch-a-sketch” them away.”