FACT CHECK: Scott Walker Falsely Claims He Has Been Forthcoming About His Role in John Doe Corruption Probe

May 30, 2012

SCOTT WALKER STATEMENT: Scott Walker said during Thursday’s televised debate that, “My office when I was County Executive asked for this.”

RESPONSE OF DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF WISCONSIN CHAIR MIKE TATE: “The idea that Scott Walker has acted with integrity crumbles more each day with each new revelation about his role in the John Doe corruption probe. So far, 19 members of Scott Walker’s inner circle have been charged or granted immunity in the probe, with Walker himself looking more and more like the criminal target of the probe. Instead of answers, Scott Walker has given Wisconsin evasions, which may satisfy his Tea Party base, but does not meet the standards of the people of Wisconsin.”


-Scott Walker has proceeded with unprecedented and dishonest secrecy in the unprecedented John Doe corruption probe-of which he may be a criminal target.

-Just Thursday, a 13th current or former top aide was granted immunity in the sprawling corruption probe.

-Walker’s former spokeswoman joins six aides and associates that have been charged with 15 felonies.

-The probe has resulted in two guilty pleas.

-Contrary to what even the John Doe judge has said, Walker continues to dishonestly claim that it is prosecutors, and not his own political sense of self-preservation, that has led to his failure to disclose key facts to the public.

-Walker may be linked to an incriminating email exchange with a top aide that implicates him in a bid-rigging scheme.