FACT CHECK: Scott Walker Perpetuates the Scandalous Distortions in His Attack Ads on Crime

May 30, 2012

STATEMENT: In Thursday’s televised debate, Scott Walker continued to defend his scandalous attack ads.
RESPONSE OF DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF WISCONSIN CHAIR MIKE TATE: “Scott Walker’s sleazy campaign smear ads are a desperate distortion of the facts and are insulting to our men and women in law enforcement. There is no evidence of data manipulation. For Scott Walker to trot out these hysterical scare tactics and suggest that clerical errors were intentionally misreported just shows that his campaign is grasping at straws because they know they are losing momentum.”
-The city is requesting OJA to do an audit of Milwaukee’s crime numbers.
-The FBI already conducted an audit a few weeks ago of Milwaukee’s numbers. The data will be available soon.
-If there are problems, they will be fixed.
-There has been absolutely no cooking of any books.