FACT CHECK: Scott Walker Seeks to Evade Shameful Status as Nation's Job Loss Leader

May 30, 2012

STATEMENT: In Thursday’s televised debate, Scott Walker said he is moving Wisconsin forward in job growth.
RESPONSE OF DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF WISCONSIN CHAIR MIKE TATE: “Using the accepted standard, Wisconsin is last in the nation in job loss. Using Scott Walker’s new standard, Wisconsin is last in the Big Ten. By ANY standard, Scott Walker has been a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to jobs, turning away high-tech investments, cutting education and jobs training and salting to the earth for Wisconsin’s middle class. With Scott Walker’s new math, it is clear that the ONLY job Scott Walker cares about is his own.”

-Using accepted figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin ranks dead last in job creation.
-Scott Walker has turned down investments in high-tech industries.
-Walker has cut funding to jobs programs, to the University of Wisconsin system and to vocational technical education, all job-creation ENGINES
-In a desperate 11th-Hour attempt, Walker is employing a brand-new standard to distract from his historic record of job loss.
-Even under this new-fangled approach, Walker is failing to produce jobs.