ICYMI: Bad Mother's Day News For Scott Walker: He's Lost Wisconsin's Women

May 12, 2012

The Oshkosh Northwestern is reporting that Scott Walker is attempting to win back the women voters he’s lost due to the radical Republican War on Women.

Speaking at the GOP’s “Divide and Conquer” convention yesterday, Walker stated that there was no Republican War on Women, and that criticism of his repeal of Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Act, which provided critical pay equity protections for women, veterans, seniors and disabled workers, was a “bogus issue.”

In response, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Maggie Brickerman, co-chair of the Party’s Women Against Walker group, stated, ““It’s too late for Scott Walker to win back women voters. His actions have proven he’s not on the side of mothers in Wisconsin.”

Brickerman further stated that Walker’s policies represented, “an ideological desire to take women and Wisconsin backwards.”

Read more here: http://www.thenorthwestern.com/article/20120512/OSH0101/120512046/Walker-attempts-win-back-women-voters