ICYMI: Scott Walker Donations Fraudulent?

May 17, 2012

A new report by a watchdog website raises new and serious questions about Scott Walker’s fundraising machine.

As reported by ProPublica, a retired New York teacher was billed fraudulently by Friends of Scott Walker.

This is not the first time Scott Walker’s political machine has been linked with troubling information. Kelly Rindfleisch, a chief fundraiser for Scott Walker’s recall campaign and former Deputy Chief of Staff to then-County Executive Scott Walker has been charged with felony misuse of taxpayer resources for running Scott Walker’s political operation on taxpayer time, and top Walker adviser Tim Russell stands charged with felony embezzlement from multiple campaigns and from charities intended to benefit war veterans and the families of fallen soldiers.

Both Rindfleisch and Russell were charged under the John Doe criminal corruption probe that has, to date, seen six top Walker associates charged with fifteen felonies.

Read the report here.