ICYMI: Scott Walker Was Dishonest With Police Association About His "Divide and Conquer" Agenda

May 13, 2012

A new report shows yet another example of Scott Walker’s dishonesty with the people he was elected to serve.

While meeting with the West Allis Professional Police Association during his 2010 campaign, Walker told the association “that he wasn’t going to touch collective bargaining rights or pensions” recalled Tim Fletcher, a detective with the West Allis drug unit and a voting member of the association’s political action committee.

Instead of keeping his promises, Scott Walker pursued a dishonest and divisive agenda that destroyed collective bargaining as soon as he possibly could and without hesitation.

Recently released video shows Scott Walker speaks his real truth to top campaign donors, as he informed billionaire Koch brothers strategist Diane Hendricks that he would use a “divide and conquer” strategy on the people of Wisconsin to pass “Right-to-Work-For-Less” legislation. This smoking gun video offers even more proof that Walker lied about what he would do as governor.
The whole experience, noted Det. Fletcher in the story, has turned him and his law enforcement colleagues against Walker and possibly the Republican party as a whole.

“I didn’t think I’d ever be voting Democrat,” said Fletcher, adding, “But we’re all saying, ‘How can we vote for (Walker) again? We can’t.’”

The West Allis Professional Police Association has endorsed Tom Barrett in the recall election to be held June 5th.

“With the abundance of dishonesty spewing out of both sides of Scott Walker’s mouth, it’s becoming alarmingly more evident that he’s trained to lie to voters and then double-back and be honest about his destructive plans only to the billionaire donors who are trying to buy our state,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate.

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