Scott Walker's “Miracle Math”

May 15, 2012

Scott Walker’s “discovery” of 57,000 jobs follows a pattern of other “miracle math” all seeming to benefit Scott Walker.

Health Care Math

  • Despite claims that he has invested in health care, Scott Walker’s influx of funds into public health care did not keep pace with the growth of the program.
  • Even Scott Walker’s health care czar, Dennis Smith, acknowledges that Wisconsin still had a shortfall of $82 million as of March.
  • The federal government did not allow the Walker administration to make their proposed cuts that would have impacted 64,000 people.
  • However, the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families estimates 17,000 people will leave BadgerCare or be turned away under new rules. This is not an investment in health care.

Property Tax Math

  • According to a memo released by the state Department of Revenue, statewide property taxes dropped by 0.4%, or $11 for the median-valued home, in 2011.
  • However, the total net property tax levy increased by 0.2%.
  • Scott Walker of course claims the decrease as his victory, but fails to mention that, under his job-loss economy, the average Wisconsin home fell 2.2% in value for property tax purposes. For the average homeowner that is a nearly $3,500 drop in value, for an $11 savings.
  • Another key point, recently noted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is that $4 of the $11 one-year drop in the property tax bill is attributable to an increase in lottery sales.

Education Math

  • Scott Walker somehow thinks that cutting nearly 1,500 teachers brings an added value to our schools and classrooms.
  • Because Wisconsin has the best and brightest teachers and educational staff, our children have not yet suffered. But most school districts across the state have now cut to the bone – the only thing they can cut in the future will be programs and critical support staff. Scott Walker’s failure to invest in education will have long-lasting and damaging effects.
  • Data released by the Department of Public Instruction in totality refutes distorted statements Walker himself has made about how his educational “reforms” are working.
  • The alarming key findings of the report include proof that Walker’s cuts have caused: 73 percent of school districts in the state reported cutting teachers this year; The 1,446 teacher position cuts represents a 75 percent increase over similar reductions made last year; 74 percent of school districts to cut staff, including the largest, exorbitant cuts made to reading, special education, career and technical education teachers.

“Scott Walker’s miracle math is a sight to behold. And somehow, every adjustment seems to benefit Scott Walker,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “The truth is, by every measure, Scott Walker has been a failure for Wisconsin and dishonest with its people. Sunshine shows the world – and his record – the way it is. And that’s what Scott Walker should fear most.”