Scott Walker's "Year of the Veteran?"

May 24, 2012

State Documents Reveal Scott Walker Knew His Repeal of the Equal Pay Act Would Harm Veterans

New state documents obtained by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin reveal that Scott Walker was well aware of the fact that his repeal of Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Act would have devastating consequences for veterans.

Walker’s repeal of Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Act has consistently been documented as part of the Republican War on Women, but lost in the discussion for some has been the fact that this legislation strips critical pay equity protections for veterans, seniors and disabled workers as well.

In March 2012, the Wisconsin Association of Concerned Veterans Organizations (WACVO) contacted Scott Walker to request that Walker veto SB202, the repeal of Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Act, because the bill, “strips veterans of employment discrimination redress in circuit court.”

The letter further stated that, “As best WACVO can tell, this legislation has passed both the senate and assembly and is awaiting your signature. It would be highly irregular, and the irony would be lost to no one, if you were to sign this legislation into law without correcting this oversight in the same week you declare, “Year of the Veteran” in Wisconsin.”

Also in Walker’s “Year of the Veteran,” two Scott Walker associates, Tim Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh, have been charged in the John Doe criminal corruption probe with embezzling more than $62,000 from charities intended to benefit veterans and the families of fallen soldiers. When asked to respond to the charges, Walker simply stated that he was, “disappointed.”

“Scott Walker has a long history of using veterans as pawns for his own personal, political gain,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “This time, Scott Walker’s political stunt is not merely offensive. His radical pursuit of a rigid ideology actually puts the men and women who have served our country so honorably at risk.”