Shrinking the Middle Class Together: Failure Gov. Chris Christie Campaigns for Failure Gov. Scott Walker

Apr 30, 2012

Divisive New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has attacked teachers, raised property taxes, raised taxes on working families, killed infrastructure investments and job creation and watched his state’s financial rankings fall, joins his counterpart in shrinking the middle class, Scott Walker, for a day of raising more special interest money in the face of Walker’s recall.

Walker’s “reforms” have led to a huge structural budget deficit, historic teacher layoffs and historic job losses that made Wisconsin lead the nation in that category.

Meanwhile, since Gov. Christie has taken office, New Jersey’s unemployment rate jumped from 32nd to 47th in the nation; property taxes have risen by 20 percent; and New Jersey saw its bond ratings downgraded.

“Chris Christie and Scott Walker have been leaders, each in their own way, in shrinking the middle class, rolling back the freedoms their states have enjoyed and salting the earth for the working families they were put into office to serve,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “In the radical, divisive and publicity-seeking way that each has gone about their business, each must find quite a bit to admire in the other.”