Tom Barrett Offers Wisconsin a New Start

May 07, 2012

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following Tom Barrett’s selection as the Democratic nominee to face Scott Walker June 5th.

“After months of historic division, job loss, criminal corruption and partisan power grabs, Tom Barrett offers Wisconsin a new start.

“A new start to focus on jobs, instead of special interest giveaways. A new start to grow our middle class, instead of shrinking it. A new start to fix our structural deficit, instead of blowing it apart to give tax breaks to out-of-state corporations. A new start to lower taxes, instead of raising them on working families. A new start to offer clean government, instead of a pay-to-play culture of criminal corruption. A new start to repair our world-class university and education systems, instead of tearing them to pieces. A new start to practice a politics of unity and inclusion, instead of a scorched earth attitude of destruction.

“All the Democratic candidates for governor ran honorable races, fought hard and never lost sight of the unity required now with just 28 days to win an historic election against the amassed wealth and power of the Scott Walker corporate political machine.

“But Walker’s sleazy money can’t vote, and it is clear that the people of Wisconsin will take the opportunity with a leader like Tom Barrett to give Wisconsin a new start at healing our great state and beginning the long job of repairing the devastation wrought by 17 months of irresponsible rule.”