WisDems Release Scott Walker’s Crime Stats Fact Sheet

May 23, 2012

Scott Walker has ducked, dodged and deflected any attempts to get straight answers and honest information from him about his knowledge of and/or involvement in crimes that were central to his rise to political power, so the Democratic Party of Wisconsin today released a fact sheet on Scott Walker’s Crime Stats.

Scott Walker’s Crime Stats, available for download here, detail some disturbing facts and figures about the John Doe criminal corruption probe and the penalties The Walker 6 might face for illegally running Scott Walker’s political machine.

Some key findings:

2: Convictions to date
6: Walker aides and associates charged
15: Felonies committed by The Walker 6
77: Days since Scott Walker started his criminal defense fund
91.5: Years in prison The Walker 6 could face
1,000+: Number of emails Kelly Rindfleisch exchanged with Walker’s campaign managers while on taxpayer time
1,380: Number of fundraising emails Kelly Rindfleisch exchanged on taxpayer time
$62,232: Amount stolen from veterans and the families of fallen soldiers by Tim Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh
$192,178: Stolen from Milwaukee County taxpayers by Tim Russell and Kelly Rindfleisch to run Scott Walker’s political machine
$270,000: Amount in fines The Walker 6 could face

“The people of Wisconsin deserve to know whether their governor is a criminal,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Scott Walker needs to come clean about his knowledge of and/or involvement in crimes that defrauded the taxpayers and robbed our veterans and their families. If Scott Walker truly has nothing to hide, he can put all speculation to rest by immediately releasing his emails so the people can see for themselves.”