WisDems: Tommy Thompson's Tough Week Keeps Getting Worse: Not a Sure Bet in Republican Primary

Jun 26, 2012

This week keeps getting worse for Tommy Thompson — and it’s only Wednesday.

First, former Secretary of Health and Human Services and Washington D.C. lobbyist Thompson made news after getting the dates mixed up for two different terrorist attacks on our country. Then, there was his dizzying flip-flop on the individual mandate for health insurance in the Affordable Care Act — a program he often promoted and praised for years, but now somehow sees as unconstitutional.

And now, even while Thompson is making attempts to pander to the most extreme wing of his own party, the very conservative Club for Growth is continuing the attack on Thompson over his head-spinning flip-flop on the individual mandate. Media reports show that the Club for Growth is even circulating video of Thompson showing his support of the mandate before the Supreme Court is readying to rule on the measure tomorrow.

“Tommy Thompson is not only in trouble in the GOP primary. If he makes it to the general election, his embrace of Tea Party extremism will haunt him with independent voters,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Conservatives and Democrats alike now realize Thompson is a politician with no core who will say anything to get elected. And the more Tommy talks, the more voters realize he is a beltway insider who would put the wealthy and powerful special interests in Washington ahead of Wisconsin’s middle class.”