ICYMI: Health Care Remarks Haunt Secretary Thompson

Jul 08, 2012

“Just like automobile insurance, you gotta have coverage…”

Washington insider Tommy Thompson is finding out just how deeply divided the Republican Senate primary is.

Recent news reports show Secretary Thompson has long supported the keystone provision of Obamacare, the insurance mandate, saying in 2006, “Just like automobile insurance, you gotta have coverage.” [1]

Secretary Thompson paved the way for “RomneyCare,” an antecedent of Obamacare, by signing off on a federal waiver for the Massachusetts health insurance mandate.

“Secretary Thompson is a Washington insider who is not shooting straight with Wisconsin voters,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “In trying to double down on Tea Party extremism, it’s not clear just whom Secretary Thompson is trying to fool Tea Party voters, the people of Wisconsin or himself.”

[1] – Health Care Remarks Haunt Tommy Thompson (Politico, July 8, 2012)