ICYMI: On Bus Tour, Secretive Washington Hedge Fund Manager Eric Hovde Makes "Outlandish" Disclosure Claim

Jul 12, 2012

Washington hedge fund manager Eric Hovde, touring a state he left 25 years ago, falsely claimed at a stop in Green Bay Thursday that he had addressed questions about his tax returns and his offshore investments.

Brown County Democrats had called on Hovde to release 10 years of his taxes to help voters understand his “complex web” of investments and wealth, which is estimated at more than $50 million, and which includes investments in the Cayman Islands, a popular tax shelter. [1]

Hovde called such questions about his failure to disclose the vital information, “Outlandish beyond outlandish.” [2]

“Washington hedge fund manager Eric Hovde might think Wisconsin voters are “outlandish” to want to know whether candidates are trying to avoid taxes, are creating jobs overseas and are betting against moving America forward. The fact is, Eric Hovde’s campaign is shrouded in secrecy and relying on reporters not asking tough questions about his Cayman Islands funds or whether his policies are designed to make him richer,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday.

“It’s not “outlandish,” it’s simple: Hovde can remove any questions about his motivations by releasing the past 10 years of his taxes.”


-How would Eric Hovde’s plan for tax cuts for the rich impact Eric Hovde?

-Is Eric Hovde managing an offshore account that allows other investors to avoid paying U.S. taxes?

-Does Eric Hovde’s fund invest in creating jobs in countries other than the United States?

-Why won’t Eric Hovde release ten years of his tax returns?

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