ICYMI: Ruled Constitutional By the Supreme Court, New Reports Show Obamacare Will Save Taxpayers $84 Billion, Directly Helps 1.3 Million Wisconsinites

Jul 24, 2012

Not long after the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was legal and constitutional, a new impartial report released yesterday shows that the bill will save taxpayers upwards of $84 billion.

Making big headlines and splashing across the front pages of news around the country, the news is of no surprise to Obamacare supporters, including legislators who have stood behind it since the beginning, including U.S. Senate candidate Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.

“President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul will shrink rather than increase the nation’s huge federal deficits over the next decade, Congress’ nonpartisan budget scorekeepers said Tuesday,” states the Associated Press story. [1]

Also announced by a consumer advocacy group was the fact that Obamacare will positively impact more than 1.3 million Wisconsin residents. “More than one in four Wisconsin residents who aren’t elderly can breathe easier knowing the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling protects them against health care insurers that would deny them coverage because of pre-existing conditions,” explained a story in the La Crosse Tribune based on the findings of consumer advocacy group Families USA. [2]

In addition, it’s come to light recently that two Republicans U.S. Senate candidates are making untrue, inaccurate and misinformed statements about Obamacare and its benefits. In one report, Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald’s statement that “what Obamacare really is, the largest middle-class tax increase in history!” was revealed as a “Pants on Fire” lie [3]. And in another piece, candidate Mark Neumann earned a “False” ruling for his statement that said “Obamacare is the biggest tax increase in American history.” [4]

“The news surrounding Obamacare continues to get better and better for Americans and Wisconsinites,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “Not only will the Affordable Care Act improve the healthcare of millions of Americans, it will save taxpayers tens of billions of dollars and directly affect more than a million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions who would otherwise be denied coverage without it. And for all of this we have strong, compassionate leaders like Tammy Baldwin to thank. The congresswoman knew it was the right thing to do and she helped make this legislation a reality.”

[1] – Budget Office: Obama’s Health Law Reduces Deficit (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 24, 2012)
[2] – Report Says Court Ruling Protects More than 1.3 Million Ailing Wisconsinites (La Crosse Tribune, July 24, 2012)