ICYMI: Still Stalling: Eric Hovde Says He Won't Release 10 Years of Tax Returns Because he Hasn't Filed his 2011 Tax Return Yet

Jul 25, 2012

Eric Hovde, a hedge funds banker who has spent the last 24 years in Washington D.C. has said he won’t release 10 years of state and federal tax returns because his enormous wealth has prevented him from filing his tax returns this year.

In May, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin released 10 years of her state and federal tax returns. None of her Republican opponents have released even a single year of their tax returns from the last decade.

“The fact that Eric Hovde has not filed his taxes this year is no excuse for not releasing the last nine years. They are filed, he can afford to make copies of them and release them today but he has chosen to play a game of tax dodge,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “For months he has said he will release his tax returns but he continues to keep them a secret. Voters deserve to know what secrets he is keeping. If Republican primary voters don’t want to know or care, we look forward to revealing them in the general election.”

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