Do-Nothing Speaker John Boehner's Wisconsin Visit for Reid Ribble, Et al.

Aug 09, 2012

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in advance of House Speaker John Boehner’s Saturday visit to Wisconsin, where he will attend a $1,000-per-plate champagne fundraiser for Tea Party Congressman Reid Ribble.

“Having done absolutely nothing to preserve the economic security of the middle class and everything possible to coddle billionaires and outsourcing corporations, our do-nothing Speaker John Boehner is coming to Wisconsin tomorrow to reward one of his slavish foot soldiers, Reid Ribble.

“Ribble has joined Sean Duffy and Paul Ryan in forgetting about Wisconsin’s farmers, forgetting about Wisconsin’s job-seekers, forgetting about our seniors, our students and our middle class, in advancing a radical agenda that amounted to zero heavy lifting for all but the very few rich people who are able to afford $350 bottles of wine.

“Those super-rich special interests are going to gather Saturday and raise champagne toasts to Ribble, Duffy, Ryan and Boehner and sing praises to an agenda that puts Wall Street first and Wisconsin’s Main Street last, one that forces seniors to pay thousands more for health insurance while preserving tax shelters for billionaires and giveaways to big oil companies.

“Enjoy the champagne while it lasts, Speaker Boehner, because the people of Wisconsin know that you, Ribble, Ryan and Duffy are working to undermine their livelihoods. And come November, the people will put you back in the minority, where you belong.”