Even Scott Walker Agrees: Claims From Republican Crackup Primary Are True

Aug 01, 2012

While discussing the GOP Senate primary, Scott Walker declared that he did not feel the need to weigh in yet stating, “I haven’t seen a blatant lie from anybody.” Meaning he must believe all of the attacks that the GOP candidates have leveled against each other must be true.  

The Scott Walker Endorsed Attacks Include:

Thompson Is A Corporate Lobbyist: In a radio interview in July 2012, Hovde said: “Tommy’s whole approach is big ,government. You know he grew state government by 118% while he was there. He’s been a corporate lobbyist. You talk about what could come out in the general election, that’s reality.” [Mark Belling interview, 7/10/2012]

Thompson Benefited From The Stimulus: In a July 2012 press release, Hovde campaign spokesman Sean Lansing said, “Clients at Tommy Thompson’s lobbying firm have taken billions in stimulus.” [Hovde press release, 7/23/12]

Hovde Benefited From The Stimulus: In a July 2012 press release, Thompson campaign spokesman Brian Nemoir said, “Hovde has also been an outspoken opponent of stimulus funding while on the campaign trail, repeatedly pointing to the much-maligned effort as a ‘government failure.’ Yesterday, a story revealed that ePlus, a company in which Hovde is a board member and the largest single shareholder, received $2 million in stimulus funds.” [Thompson press release, 7/25/2012]

Hovde Took TARP Money: In June 2012, Thompson spokesman Brian Nemoir said: “With Mr. Hovde trumpeting his participation in tonight’s event. I hope he uses the opportunity to explain the $9 million in TARP funds banks he owns have yet to pay back.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/19/2012]

Hovde Is A”Bail Out Predator:” In a July 2012 press release, Thompson campaign consultant Darrin Schmitz said, “Hovde is hoping his negative campaigning distracts from the truth; while he pontificates against the misdeeds of Wall Street, the truth is he was one of its worst offenders – a bailout predator making his money by betting against homeowners and American companies.” [Thompson press release,7/13/12]

“The Republican candidates for U.S. Senate have been blasting one another about who’s the most unqualified to serve the people of Wisconsin, and even Scott Walker admits there hasn’t been an untrue attack leveled at any of them,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “As the GOP Senate candidates continue to attack each other, they are proving that each of them would go to Washington and represent special interests, not middle class Wisconsinites.”