ICYMI: So Much for "Moral Responsibility": Tommy Thompson Stands Up For GOP “Akin Plank”, Not Wisconsin Women

Aug 28, 2012

in an interview Tuesday with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Tommy Thompson abandoned his position from last week that his party had a “moral responsibility” to “come together” and ensure that women who are raped be exempted from Republican efforts to force them to carry a pregnancy to term.

Last week, in the wake of the firestorm over U.S. Rep. Todd Akin’s comments, Thompson said there was a “moral responsibility” to support an exception for rape victims. This is at direct odds with the Republican plank Thompson authored in 2000, and which was affirmed by Republicans at their convention.

When asked to clarify his position yesterday in Tampa, according to the paper, Thompson reiterated his support for the Akin plank in the party platform, “The platform is the platform of the party … It’s a consensus document where the party comes together in a committee, the platform committee, and makes a decision. And the majority rules.” [1]

The Republican platform would overturn Roe v. Wade and take away a woman’s ability to decide whether to choose adoption, end a pregnancy, or raise a child. The Republican platform contains no exceptions and is so extreme that rape victims would be forced to carry a pregnancy to term. [2]

“Last week, Tommy Thompson said there was a ‘moral responsibility’ to oppose Republican efforts to have the government make reproductive health care decisions for women who are raped. Now, Thompson is afraid to do the right thing and stand up to his own party’s extreme views. This is a test of strength and decisiveness and Thompson has failed the test,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday

[1] – Thompson’s position on abortion differs with party, but he doesn’t support changing platform (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Aug. 28, 2012)

[2] – GOP Platform Anti-Abortion Language Includes No Exceptions For Rape, Incest (NPR, Aug. 21, 2012)