Tommy Thompson “Always” Released His Tax Records – Except When He Didn’t

Aug 19, 2012

WisDems Release New Video, Highlight Tommy’s Continued Refusal To Release Tax Records
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Tommy Thompson’s repeated claims that he “always” released his tax returns as governor don’t ring true. [1]
Secretary Thompson did provide his tax returns to reporters – until the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found that Thompson had made an improper deduction on his taxes in 1996. So not only is Tommy keeping secrets now from the people he wishes to represent, he’s not telling the truth about his past history of concealing tax records from the public.
In a bad first week as the Republican nominee, wounded and weakened from the primary and on the defense,Thompson has continued to stonewall the people he wishes to represent by refusing to release 10 years of state and federal tax returns.
Tommy’s reluctance to fully disclose his financial interests is understandable; the last time he did, Wisconsin voters found out he paid less than he owed.
In a conference call with reporters earlier this morning, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said, “If the voters can’t trust Tommy Thompson to pay his fair share, how can they trust him to make sure everyone else does?”
Tammy Baldwin in May released 10 years of state and federal tax records, and challenged all four Republican hopefuls, including Tommy Thompson, to do the same.
A rattled and defensive Tommy has refused to fully disclose his financial interests, including just how he amassed his substantial wealth working as an influential lobbyist to help drug companies, insurance companies and the oil industry write their own rules.
The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has compiled a new web video highlighting the coverage of Thompson’s first week on the campaign trail, where Tommy’s lack of transparency was under scrutiny at his only two press events.
Given the criticisms Thompson has faced because of his decision, Wisconsin voters are left wondering just how damaging Tommy’s tax returns must be if he is so unwilling to release them.
[1] “Goofs left Tommy Thompson wary about tax returns,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 20, 2012