Sushi for All? "Struggling" Sean Duffy Mocks "47 Percent' in Bizarre Food Stamps Claim

Sep 24, 2012

In a bizarre claim, “Struggling” Sean Duffy told a group of Tea Party supporters that food stamps were being foisted on a “higher class of people,” even though he acknowledged the tone deaf nature of Mitt Romney’s comments about not caring about 47 percent of Americans.
Duffy made the food stamps claim mocking the 47 percent in video published recently by Cognitive Dissidence (comments made at 10:52), a progressive blog.
Duffy, the former reality tee-vee star who has said he “struggles” on his $174,000 Congressional salary and whose family flies in sushi for Christmas, has not publicly commented on whether he supports the Romney notion about 47 percent of Americans.
“Heaven help Sean Duffy if he couldn’t afford his sushi for Christmas, but there are a lot of people who are struggling right now because of the recklessness practiced by Duffy’s Wall Street pals and some of those who are REALLY struggling need a hand up as they rebound from their tough times,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Dividing the public by mocking those who weren’t born into the kind of wealth he enjoys is not leadership and it’s certainly not worthy of someone who is supposed to serve ALL of the Seventh Congressional District, not just the 47 percent that he has chosen to mock.”