Tommy Thompson Blames Mitt Romney and Attacks Marquette University Poll

Sep 19, 2012

Last month Thompson said he would carry Wisconsin for Romney and that MU poll was “Gold Standard”

August 19, 2012

Tommy Thompson Said He Would Help Carry Wisconsin for Mitt Romney And That The Marquette University Poll Was The “Gold Standard”

Thompson Said He Would Help Romney In Wisconsin. In an interview with Mike Gousha on August 19, Thompson said: “I am an individual that is going to be able to be helpful to that ticket. “ [Up Front with Mike Gousha, 8/19/2012]

Thompson Called The Marquette Poll The “Gold Standard.” In an interview in August 2012, Thompson said: “I think the Marquette poll which is considered pretty much the golden rule or the gold standard, came out and says I was 8 points up.  So, I feel very good about going in, and I sincerely believe the momentum is with me and I feel very comfortable about the election.”  [WKOW, Capital City Sunday, 8/12/2012]

September 19, 2012

Tommy Thompson Blamed Romney For Sagging Poll Numbers and Attacked Marquette University Poll

Thompson Blames Romney for Sagging Poll Numbers. WKOW reported that “Thompson hopes Romney’s sagging numbers don’t bring him down as well. ‘The Presidential thing is bound to have an impact on every election.  Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican.  If you’re a standard-bearer for the Presidency is not doing well, it’s gonna reflect on the down ballot,’ said Thompson.” [WKOW, 9/19/2012]

Thompson dismissed the MU results. Thompson’s spokeswoman, Lisa Boothe, attempted to discredit the Marquette poll. “We do not think it reflects the opinions of Wisconsin voters,” Boothe said. But on Tuesday at a Milwaukee manufacturing plant, the former governor expressed confidence in the accuracy of Marquette’s survey work. [Associated Press, Mount Pleasant Patch and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/19/2012]