"Tomney" Taxman Trails Tommy Thompson Today Asking for Tax Returns

Sep 23, 2012

Thompson Releases Zero Tax Returns

Tommy Thompson was greeted at an event today by the “Tomney” Taxman, who will follow the Washington insider across Wisconsin urging him to release 10 years of his state and federal tax returns.

Thompson has refused to release any tax returns, instead choosing to keep them a secret. Even Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has now released two years of returns, yet Thompson has released zero.

The “Tomney” Taxman (pictured below) will be part of a larger campaign by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin that will be promoted on social media and other political action.

“Tommy Thompson supports cutting taxes for multimillionaires like himself and Mitt Romney, and they will stick it to the middle class. It’s hard to keep more secrets than Mitt Romney, but Tommy Thompson has found a way to do it by refusing to release his tax returns. It’s time for Thompson to stop keeping secrets. Wisconsin needs to know  what is Tommy Thompson hiding?” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday.


Thompson Said When He Was Governor The People Had A Right To Know About His Tax Returns. In an interview in July 2012, Thompson said: “You know, when I was governor, you know, when I was employed by the people of the state of Wisconsin they had a right to know what I was making.” [Wiseye interview, 7/27/2012]

Until 1997, Thompson Had Regularly Released His Tax Returns. In April of 1997, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported: “Stung by news reports identifying mistakes in his last two income tax statements, Gov. Tommy Thompson will break a decade-long practice by not allowing public inspection of his 1996 tax records, his spokesman said Friday.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/16/1997]

Thompson “Cashed in on his connections.” In 2007, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a profile article examining Tommy Thompson’s transition to the private sector. Under the subheadline “Cashing In On Connections,” the article pointed out: “Observers say there is no doubt that Thompson – like many other politicos – is capitalizing on the connections he built over a career in politics.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/10/2007]

Journal Sentinel: By 2007, Thompson Had Hooked Up With At Some 20 Companies. In June of 2007, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Tommy Thompson’s corporate ties, saying “By 2005, when he was leaving President Bush’s administration, he was sitting on a healthy state pension plus assets worth at least $959,000 and possibly as much as $2.5million. Nine of his Investments were worth more than $50,000, and three were valued at between $100,000 and $250,000. That was before he began using his reputation and government resume to hook up with some 20 companies across the country, earning millions of dollars in stock, options and cash.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/10/2012]

Thompson: “The Answer Is N-O.” In August 2012, 620 WTMJ reported: “Thompson rejected calls to release years of personal tax documents. ‘When I was governor and I was employed by the people of the State of Wisconsin, I released my tax returns, but I’ve been in the business world,’ Thompson said.  ‘The question is, am I going to release my tax returns? The answer is no. Thompson stood firm when pressed by reporters. ‘No,’ Thompson said.  ‘The answer is N-O.  What part don’t you understand?’” [620 WTMJ, 8/15/2012]