VIDEO: Tommy Thompson: “I'm Not Going to Compromise”

Sep 17, 2012

Thompson Stands with Congressional Republicans and Supports Tax Cuts for Millionaires and Increasing the Deficit

As he fades in the polls, Tommy Thompson is appealing to Tea Party extremism and a new Democratic Party of Wisconsin video shows him vowing that he will not compromise and that he will join Congressional Republicans in blocking progress.

“The truth of the matter is I’m not going to compromise,” Thompson is seen saying at an Oconomowoc Tea Party event in June.

Watch the video here.

Thompson has joined Congressional Republicans in Washington and supports a budget busting plan that cut taxes for millionaires like himself and increases the deficit  adding $3.1 TRILLION in federal debt (see research below).

“Tommy Thompson is running a campaign against compromise and while it may please the extremists in his Tea Party base, it will end up hurting the economic security of Wisconsin’s working families,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Tommy Thompson and his Tea Party might think “compromise” is a dirty word and might be willing to grow our debt instead of compromise. But for most of Wisconsin, being able to compromise is a good thing.”


Thompson: “I Am Not Going To Compromise.” At a Tea Party event in June 2012, Thompson said: “But the truth of the matter is I am not going to compromise.  I have nothing to win or lose, except the future of this country.  And that is my number one thing.” [Oconomowoc Tea Party event, 6/4/2012]

Thompson: “I Am Tea Party Before Tea Party.” At a Tea Party event in June 2012, Thompson said: “So I took on welfare.  Changed welfare so people would have to work in order to get a check.  People thought I was crazy. Republicans, this is why I am saying I am Tea Party before Tea Party started.” [Oconomowoc Tea Party, 6/4/2012]

Thompson Supports Budget Plan That Adds $3.1 Trillion To The Deficit; Adding More To The Deficit Than Under Current Law. The Hill reported: “Ryan’s blueprint, ‘The Path to Prosperity,’ would add $3.127 trillion to the deficit during the decade spanning 2013 to 2022, according to a table on page 88 of the plan. The Congressional Budget Office estimated in its March 2012 projections that if ‘current laws generally remain unchanged,’ the federal government would incur deficits totaling $2.887 trillion from 2013 to 2022. In other words, Congress would save more money over the next decade if it allowed current law to continue than if it adopted Ryan’s budget.” [The Hill, 3/20/2012]

Thompson Supports Plan That “Would Not End Deficits Until 2040” and Adds $5.4 Trillion Through Tax Cuts. In March 2012, the Washington Post reported that Ryan’s plan “would not end deficits until 2040 but would cut taxes by $4.6 trillion over a decade while also extending all of the Bush tax cuts, adding an additional $5.4 trillion to the deficit.” [The Washington Post, 3/25/2012]