ICYMI: VIDEO: "On….Somebody?!" Paul Ryan Weasels Out of Backing Badgers

Oct 16, 2012

Paul Ryan, the former Packers fan who waved the “Terrible Towel” in the face of Green Bay fans, is similarly weaseling out of support for the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

Asked on “Today” this morning who would win the Nov. 17th contest against the hated Ohio State Buckeyes, Paul Ryan hemmed, hawed, weaseled and dodged, telling Matt Lauer “whichever team had the better record” would lose the contest.

Lauer called Ryan’s act of disloyalty a “terrible answer.”

“In Wisconsin, we are Badgers, not weasels – but not when it comes to Paul Ryan, who can’t even give a straight answer when it concerns his home-state football team,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “He roots for the Steelers over the Packers. He won’t rally for Bucky when it comes to the Buckeyes. Good thing the Chicago Bears aren’t in a swing state, or we’d see him, hat backwards, wearing a Jay Cutler jersey.”

Watch the distasteful video here.