Scott Suder Refuses to Denounce Disgraced Rep. Roger Rivard's Rape Comments

Oct 29, 2012

Following is the statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Scott Suder’s failure to publicly denounce Rep. Roger Rivard, who recently made the deplorable comments that “some girls, they rape so easy.” Rivard’s disgusting, disrespectful comments caused him to receive sharp denunciations from many fellow Republicans — that is, except for Suder. [1]

“After Roger Rivard’s deplorable comments that “some girls, they rape so easy,” Republican lawmakers and candidates — even including Paul Ryan, Tommy Thompson and Scott Walker — who once stood with Rivardhave fallen over each other to pull their endorsements and denounce the comments.

“Still, Scott Suder, who is also a donor to Rivard’s campaign, refuses to publicly denounce the comments and continues to support Rivard, even after the news of the comments caused an uproar nationally and around the world. Scott Suder’s continued support of Roger Rivard is beyond comprehension. Suder needs to denounce Rivard’s comments and end his support of him immediately. If he doesn’t, we know exactly where he stands and exactly why he needs to be replaced on Nov. 6.”

[1] – Paul Ryan, Gov. Walker withdraw endorsements of Rivard after ‘some girls rape easy’ remarks (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Oct. 11, 2012)