"Struggling" Sean Duffy Embraces Tea Party Extremist

Oct 08, 2012

“Struggling” Sean Duffy is today scheduled to embrace state Senate candidate Scott Noble, a right-wing extremist who would ban all forms of birth control, wants the United States to opt-out of terrorism laws and would prosecute Transportation Security Agency officials for airport pat-downs. [1] [2]

The $100-per-head fundraiser is scheduled for noon today at the Northwoods Conference Center.

“With his support of Scott Noble, “Struggling” Sean Duffy is racing faster to the extreme right than even we thought possible, embracing a bizarre social agenda that puts Americans at risk,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “In sidling up to Noble, Duffy is embracing the criminalization of birth control as well as basic safety procedures. It looks like Duffy’s loyalty lies with the radicals of the Tea Party, not the people of the 7th Congressional District.”

[1] – Pro-Life Wisconsin endorsement of Scott Noble