"Struggling" Sean Duffy's Cowardice: Won't Defend Radical Agenda in Prime Time Debate He Once Demanded

Oct 09, 2012

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following the refusal of “Struggling” Sean Duffy to participate in a televised prime time debate that he demanded in 2010.

“It’s not bad enough that “Struggling” Sean Duffy is a coward who hides at his Tea Parties, he’s a coward with extreme ideas who does not have the courage to go on prime time and debate them.
“In 2010, when he was scheming with his Wall Street pals to become a Congressman, Duffy DEMANDED that his opponent face him in a prime time debate that reaches 70 percent of his constituency and, in this case, would be promoted next to a Packers game.

“But that was then. Duffy would go on to Washington to do the bidding of the financial services industry that has lined the pockets of his campaign in return. He also made bizarre statements about seniors and Medicare, comparing health insurance to buying lawnmowers; he promised health care legislation to accompany his vote to repeal ObamaCare; and he whined publicly about “struggling” on his $174,000 annual salary, on top of more than $100,000 in reimbursements he has received the past three years.
“All these things are fair game and should be explained to the people of the 7th Congressional District, who Duffy has offered little more than him playing dress-up as a timber worker to distract from his horrible record.

“Maybe “Struggling” Sean is telling us in his cowardice what the working families of the north woods are coming to know that he’s NOT ready for prime time and his record HAS NO defense.”