Tommy Thompson's Message to Wisconsin: “I don’t need this.”

Oct 10, 2012

Thompson fails to understand we don’t need him, because he isn’t for Wisconsin anymore. 

Eleven public polls now show Tommy Thompson losing support among Wisconsin voters with a new Quinnipiac/New York Times/CBS poll showing the Washington insider trailing Tammy Baldwin after a previous poll had the race tied. Earlier this week, Public Policy Polling also showed Thompson trailing Baldwin. Thompson’s response?

The New York Times reports today:

“Mr. Thompson, usually gregarious, sounds anything but upbeat as he talks about his reason for running now. Is he having fun? No, he says twice. “I don’t need this,” he said.”

“Tommy Thompson can’t keep his arrogance hidden in the silo,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Tommy doesn’t need this because he has cashed in on his connections working for an elite lobbying firm in Washington D.C. What Tommy fails to understand is we don’t need him, because he isn’t for Wisconsin anymore.”

In a recent interview with the conservative National Review Online, Thompson said that, “People in this campaign are always trying to, you know, put me in a silo.”

And earlier this week, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reported that Thompson didn’t know how many homes he has.

 “For years, then-Gov. Tommy Thompson complained that he wasn’t earning big bucks as a government official. Not any more.

 “Simply ask the U.S. Senate candidate exactly how many residences he owns. Just like U.S. Sen. John McCain, Thompson has a hard time keeping track.”

In addition, while working for the Bush Administration and then at an elite lobbying firm in Washington D.C., Thompson lived in the beltway, buying and selling nine condos and pocketing over $500,000.

As the Journal Sentinel reported, “Over the past decade, he bought and sold nine townhouses in and around Alexandria, Va.” In 2004, while Thompson was working for the Bush administration and receiving a $166,000 salary from taxpayers, the Washington Post raised questions about Thompson’s real estate deals.

Thompson currently has 4 homes including a 10,889-square-foot home in Florida. Earlier this year, in the middle of his campaign for U.S. Senate, Thompson cashed in with a Florida drug company as Chairman of the board of directors. His campaign said he took the position “pro-bono,” but it has been recently reported that he received 75,000 stock options.