Oct 30, 2012

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin today rolled out a Woman-to-Woman Education Campaign for the final week of campaign highlighting all the reasons Tommy Thompson is wrong for Wisconsin women.

The campaign featured women’s healthcare roundtable discussions in both Madison and Milwaukee; a new web video, “Tommy Thompson, Wrong for Wisconsin Women;” as well as a fact sheet on Thompson’s record and stand on the issues that threaten women’s health, middle class economic security, affordable healthcare for families, and our children’s future.

Speaking in Milwaukee this morning, Rep. Sandy Pasch said, “On education, on affordable healthcare, on economic security and women’s health, it’s clear that Tommy Thompson is the wrong choice for Wisconsin women. With just six days left, it’s absolutely critical that each and every one of us tell everyone we know the truth about Tommy Thompson and his plans for our futures, and our children’s futures.”

Milwaukee School Board Member Meagan Holman commented that, “We’re not just thinking of ourselves, we’re thinking of our kids, and we know that Tommy Thompson is wrong for their futures. Investing in a quality, affordable education for every child is the single most important thing we can do to help them achieve their dreams. But Tommy Thompson supports a budget plan that deeply undermines education.”

Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa added, “Equal pay for equal work is the biggest economic stimulus this country could have. If women were paid equally with men for comparable work, there would be 200 billion dollars more circulating in the economy. Women would spend the additional money they earn right here in America, creating more jobs for everyone. But Republicans like Tommy Thompson have called the issue of equal pay a “distraction.” This is dangerous for Wisconsin women.”

View the video here.