Video: “Struggling” Sean Duffy Embraces Personhood, Lies about Planned Parenthood, and Calls NARAL “Disgusting”

Oct 23, 2012

As Republicans all over the country struggle to downplay their radical War on Women, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin today released a video highlighting “Struggling” Sean Duffy’s own abysmal record on women’s issues.

The video shows Duffy at Monday night’s debate embracing personhood legislation, lying about Planned Parenthood and calling women’s health organization NARAL, “disgusting.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement.

“When he’s not busy complaining about his salary and trying to voucherize Medicare, Sean Duffy is hard at work trying to limit women’s rights to make their own healthcare choices.

“Duffy’s shameful appearance at Monday night’s debate showed precisely why he has one of the most extreme records in Congress on reproductive rights — he embraces personhood legislation, would de-fund Planned Parenthood and co-sponsored Todd Akin’s bill to redefine rape.

“Because Duffy knows his positions are so out-of-touch with the people of North and Central Wisconsin, he’s even stooped to lying about Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood works to provide tens of thousands of Wisconsin women and families access to family planning services and preventative health services like breast and cervical cancer screenings. They don’t use taxpayer money for abortions, and Sean Duffy knows it. His vote to de-fund Planned Parenthood serves only to pander to far-right extremists, and puts Wisconsin women at risk in the process.

“Sean Duffy also wants to take away a woman’s right to choose even in the case of rape or incest. Does he agree with Indiana U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock that pregnancies resulting from rape are “a gift from God?”

“Sean Duffy’s record on women’s rights is far outside the mainstream, and that is unacceptable for Wisconsin.”

 Watch the video here.



0:43 “For me, I believe life begins at conception… I believe we need to protect life at conception.

1:15 “In regard to Planned Parenthood – ya know, listen – Planned Parenthood offers a lot of checkups and procedures for women. I think a lot of that care is really good, especially for folks who can’t afford it. But the contention that comes around Planned Parenthood is that they are the largest abortion provider in the country, and so they are able to take taxpayer funds to then, in essence, use for abortion. And I think this issue could be solved completely if Planned Parenthood would stop doing abortions. There would be no issue with funding on Planned Parenthood. So I think it’s a pretty easy issue to resolve to make sure women get care and coverage for procedures that they need, and I think it’s an important part of our society.”

2:13 “Mr Kreitlow, you are supported by NARAL, which is the most radical pro abortion group in the country. They support late term abortions and partial birth abortions. Frankly, I think that is disgusting”

Factcheck.org: Planned Parenthood can not use government fund for abortions. “Planned Parenthood cannot use the money it receives from the federal government for abortions anyway. According to the Department of Health and Human Service’s website, ‘by law, Title X funds may not be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.’” [Factcheck.org]

Duffy Co-Sponsored Bill to Redefine Rape. In 2011, Congressman Duffy co-sponsored a bill which would have redefined a ban on federal funding for abortions to exempt only “forcible rape” and not “rape” generally. Under the language proposed by the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions Act, “rape” became “forcible rape.” The Washington Post reported that the bill’s critics believed “the modifier could distinguish it from other kinds of sexual assault that are typically recognized as rape, including statutory rape and attacks that occur because of drugs or verbal threats.” [HR 3 Co-Sponsors, 112th CongressWashington Post, 2/1/11; Mother Jones, 1/28/11]

Duffy Voted to Disqualify Planned Parenthood from Receiving Federal Funds. On February 18, 2011, Duffy voted for an amendment “to disqualify Planned Parenthood and its affiliates from receiving funds appropriated by the bill. The proposal would deny basic, preventive health-care services, including birth control and cancer screenings, to millions of Americans.” [HR 1, Vote #93, 2/18/11; NARAL’s Congressional Record on Choice, 2011]

Duffy Voted to Repeal the Healthcare Law. In 2011, Duffy voted to repeal the historic health care reform bill passed the previous year. The bill passed, 245-189. [HR 2, Vote #14, 1/19/11]

Duffy Repealing Health Care Reform Would Allow Higher Premiums for Women on Same Policy.  Under the health care law, by 2014, insurers would not be able to charge women higher premiums than they charge men. [Examiner.com,6/28/12]

Duffy is 100 Percent Pro-Life Without Exceptions…Except When Mother’s Life At Risk.  In a 2010 interview with theCatholic Times, Duffy said, “I am 100 percent pro-life without exceptions.”  Duffy continued, “It’s pretty straightforward. To qualify, I believe that if we have the life of a mother as an issue, the mother’s life takes priority, but we must make every effort to save the life of the child.” [The Catholic Times10/21/10]

Did Not Make Exception for Victims of Rape.  In a 2010 debate, when asked if he would allow victims of rape to have an abortion, Duffy stated that he was 100 percent pro-life and that he thought life began at conception:

MODERATOR:  So you would force that woman to have the child of her rapist?

DUFFY:  Glen, I’ve answered the question. I’m 100 percent pro-life.  I believe that life begins at conception.[“Duffy/Lassa Debate Highlights” on WPR.org, 10/28/10]